Capacitor Discharge Units (CDUs)

The advantage of a capacitor discharge unit is that it will make a point motor fire much more powerfully and more reliably than without. It does this by storing the charge in a capacitor and discharging it all at once when needed. It will also prevent point motors from burning out. Designed to operate any standard solenoid point motors. Can be used with Z, N, OO and O gauge model railways. Comes tested, with instructions (wiring diagram) and fixing screws.
ProductPictureOrder CodePrice (1+)Price (5+)Price (10+)Price (25+)
Medium power CDUMedium CDUmedcdu£7.99£6.49£6.25£4.99
High power CDUHigh CDUhighcdu£10.49£9.49£8.99£6.99